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Shopper Information for 1st & 3rd Saturday Shows

Cash & Pricing

Cash speaks at the SideWalk Sale. Many vendors accept checks and credit cards but some vendors accept cash only. If you offer cash, though, you'll frequently get a better deal. If you see a posted price you may want to ask what the cash price is.

Just like the street markets of Mexico, Japan, and Taiwan...negotiations over prices at the SideWalk Sale in Dallas are the norm!


Most vendors at the SideWalk Sale are reputable and honest. Some are neither. The condition, functionality, and new/used status of whatever you are buying is something you should ask the seller. "Does it work?" is not an inappropriate question to ask!

If you expect a guarantee on what you are buying, be sure you understand the vendor's warranty or guarantee policy, then, ask for a receipt and a business address. Be sure the guarantee is cited or shown on the receipt.

Personal Security

Personal security at the SideWalk Sale has fortunately not been a problem. There are some sketchy areas nearby so use good judgment about where you are. Usually there are several uniformed and off-duty police officers there shopping along with the rest of the crowd.

Best time to shop

In the tradition of the SideWalk Sale, the best bargains are found early! And it makes sense, really. If what you are buying is a real bargain, its not going to remain for sale very long, right? That's why the real bargain hunters start shopping late Friday night and continue all night.

The pros are standing by as the vendors park and start setting out their goods. In fact, it is not uncommon to see them looking in vendors' vehicle before the vendor can get it unloaded!

Later on, when vendors are packing up to leave, they tend to become more negotiable. A sign seen recently said "When the sun comes up, the prices come down!"

A bag to carry all your goodies in is a good idea since few vendors offer shopping bags.


The weather seldom puts a damper on the SideWalk Sale.

Hot? Cold? Windy? Freezing temperature? No problem! The West End location is covered and protected from rain.


Best food at the SideWalk Sale... The Wurst Wagon!

Nearest McDonald's... take Woodall Rogers west to Industrial Blvd. North exit.

Restrooms for Handicapped...Handicap port-o-lets are provided

Various establishments nearby have restrooms available. Nearby is Hooters and several restaurants in the West End.

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