West End Night Market

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Providing temporary electrical service at our events is expensive and labor intensive. Limited power is available at the Plaza until 2013.

To ensure everyone has power for demonstrating their electrical products, we must impose STRICT rules for using our electricity. We will not provide eletrical power to anyone not in compliance with the Electrical Guidelines.

Alternately, you may use your own generator if it is quiet and does not cause complaints from others.

General rules for using electrical service
Your's and the public’s safety will always be our foremost concern!

Electricity is available for FOR TESTING AND DEMONSTRATING ELECTRONIC DEVICES ONLY. This is available in most locations for a fee of $10.

Our power is protected by Ground Fault Interrupters (GFIs) and is subject to interruption. If you want to maintain electrical service WITHOUT interruption, bring your Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for your use.

Electrical service will be available within 50 feet of most spaces. You should bring extension cord(s) to connect to the power source. Vendor supplied electrical cords and outlet strips must be in good condition. No frayed or patched cords. We will not provide power to anyone using extension cords or outlet multipliers we determine are unsafe.

Surge protectors may trip the Ground Fault Interrupters (GFIs) and are prohibited. A surge protector looks like an outlet multiplier but has a “reset” button on it. Please ask us if you are not sure.

Lights – ONLY LED or fluorescent may be used. NO incandescent or halogen lights or any lights that are hot to touch.

Incadescent or halogen lights - any light that is hot to touch
Hot plates or crock pots
Coffee/tea pots or warmers
Electric heaters
Microwave or convection stoves or ovens
Any item with an AC electric motor.

Your cooperation will be very much appreciated.
Sidewalk Sale Electrical Guidelines