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For over 35 years on the First Saturday of EVERY month thousands of buyers meet hundreds of sellers at the SideWalk Sale for electronic products in downtown Dallas. You will see some of the best hackers in town pawing through boxes of nearly forgotten technology. Just as many of the metroplex's upgraders will be there buying a month's supply of factory new goods, as well.

Open to the public, we invite you to take advantage of the same pricing and deals that are open to the heavily experience people-in-the-know. Featured on the popular c|net TV show, this computer swap meet brings buyers, sellers, and traders from distant parts of the country.

This event does take place in downtown Dallas, so we ask that you take care to study the maps and be mindful about where you are.

So you want to come down? Great. The very first Saturday of the month, rain or shine, follow the directions to the West End. The map shows areas that are open for parking. Many transactions are cash only, some dealers will take credit cards.

The event is certainly more interesting earlier in the morning.

Located in Dallas' West End - under the bridge at 1100 Woodall-Rodgers Freeway the 3rd Saturday of EVERY month, from 8AM to 2PM

NOTE: Some vendors sell out and leave as early a noon - shop early and see ALL the bargains!!

Admission is FREE

Parking for 3rd Saturday shows is FREE (limited space)

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